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2017 2nd Issue

Hong Kong Outstanding Students Awards

13 May 2017

Jason Bootwala (S4CL) has been selected as one of the Awardees of this year’s Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award, a campaign organized by Youth Arch Foundation and co-organized by The Outstanding Young Persons' Association. This is the first time a student of our college has been honored by this achievement.


Coming from a different background can make it difficult to fit in at school, despite this, Jason has excelled in many areas. Aside from attaining Merit prizes for The Biliteracy & Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition, Jason has shown exceptional talent in theatre as he garnered the Hong Kong School Drama Festival Outstanding Performer Award.


Jason has proven himself to be a well-rounded and caring student as he continues to influence his peers with his optimism. His attempts to introduce Indian culture through comedic performances has made him popular, and he strives to serve the school by leading the school football team.

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Hong Kong Outstanding Students AwardsHong Kong Outstanding Students AwardsHong Kong Outstanding Students Awards