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2017 4th Issue

'Parallel Lessons' Project

15 Nov 2017

The 'Parallel Lessons' Project, organized by the Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL), HKU, aims to improve the quality of learning and teaching through exchange and exploration of teaching cultures from different places.


This year, the video-conferencing lesson was conducted on 15th November, 2017, whereby one of our S1 mathematics classes and a class of the same level from Shenzhen Foreign Languages School took turns in demonstrating lessons on the topic of: Cross-section of 3-dimensional Objects. The lesson by HKUGA College featured the newly implemented teaching pedagogy of Philosophical Inquiry (PI) while 'investigation through experiment' was a highlight in the lesson by Shenzhen Foreign Languages School.

Photo Gallery

Students indicating the cross-section of objects	Lesson in the Shenzhen Foreign Languages SchoolLesson in the Shenzhen Foreign Languages SchoolVideo-conference of teachers of College and Shenzhen Foreign Languages School