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2018 1st Issue

Cultural Relics Exhibition (Collections of Ms. Lee Mei Yin)

31 Jan - 13 Feb 2018

The College has been fortunate to receive help from Ms. Lee Mei Yin, Visiting Research Fellow of Dunhuang Academy and antique collector, to borrow more than 50 pieces of valuable cultural relics from different Chinese dynasties.   Many of them were exhibited for the first time in local secondary schools, including ancient coins, weapons, silk, silverware, jade and nomadic items, provided valuable learning opportunities to students.


The exhibition was held in the library of College from 31st January to 13th February 2018.   During the lunchtime, students trained by Ms. Lee provided guided tours to their schoolmates.   With 2D barcode provided next to the relics, students could watch related video clips and complete the questionnaire with their electronic devices.   With this valuable opportunity, students had a deeper understanding of the origin, specific details, and cultural content of each exhibit.

Photo Gallery

Ms. Lee Mei Yin introducing the exhibits to studentsDifferent kinds of silver spoonsA lighter from Qing dynastySilk embroideryManuscript  (late Qing dynasty – early ROC period)Group photo