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2019 2nd Issue

Transdisciplinary Learning Activities

Primary School
01 - 30 Jun 2019

To enable students to discover ways to integrate the separate subjects, and ultimately relate what they learn to life, various transdisciplinary learning activities were organized for our P. 1 – P. 5 students in June. Through talks and games, KS1 students learned more about food culture, sustainable living and the benefits of exercise to our well-being. KS2 students had a deeper understanding of Hong Kong’s culture and history through the sharing of parent volunteers. They also learned about Hong Kong’s aviation industry from practicing professionals.

Photo Gallery

Hong Kong styled- pancakes. Would you like a bite?Give and Get Market: Everyone found something they liked!Darts for Beginners: Darts can be a lot of fun for the entire family.The carp is thought to be a symbol of luck, prosperity, good fortune and perseverance. We made a little craft at the Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus.Synthetic Flight Training: Wow! Everything is almost identical to real airliners!