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2020 1st Issue

COVID-19 Impact

Education Foundation Important Notice
31 Mar 2020
  • Postponement of Activities
    In light of the novel coronavirus epidemic situation, for the safety of our guest speakers and participants, the parent talk on Positive Education scheduled for 15 February was postponed. We will keep members informed of the newly proposed date for the seminar.

    In addition, as EDB has further extended the suspension of schools to contain the spread of the coronavirus, all LEAP’s sharing sessions and company visits were scheduled to be held from February to April 2020 have been postponed until further notice.


  • In view of the rampant novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau has extended for several times the class suspension. Our Primary School and College have been adopting diversified modes, including online learning, to help students continue their studies at home during the class suspension period so as to achieve the goal of "suspending classes without suspending learning". For example, the College has introduced realtime online lessons with very good results. The forefront practising of online learning has attracted wide media coverage as follows:
South China Morning Post - 【Coronavirus: Hong Kong students adapt to online learning amid class suspension over pandemic】(Video)16 March 2020
Apple Daily - 【停課抗疫1】名校首推朝八午三全日Live教學 學生拉埋細妹上體育堂都得?8 March 2020
TVB - 【Sunday Report: 艱難的一課】2 March 2020
RTHK31 - 【830 Magazine】24 February 2020
NOW News - 【網上教學如何做? 教育局稱無統一依循標準】23 February 2020
RTHK Video News - 【網上實時教學 中學教師:得個樣無回應都當缺席】17 February 2020
OHPAMA - 【停課不停學】港大同學會小學秉持3大原則 確保網上學習平衡/彈性/不落後17 February 2020
TOPICK HKET - 【停課不停學】港大同學會書院老師直播教書 全校跟足時間表網上教學體育音樂課照上10 February 2020

Source: HKUGA Primary School & HKUGA College