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2020 2nd Issue

P1 Orientation

Primary School
21 Sep 2020

School resumes!


To allow P1 students to adapt to the new learning environment and the half day face to face instruction class resumption under the epidemic, a 'two-day P1 Orientation' had been arranged for them to get to know the school environment, teachers, and classmates before the official resumption of classes on September 23.


On September 21st, P1 students dragged their parents by the hand and stepped into the campus on the clear Monday morning with a bit of reluctance but was soon replaced by the curiosity and excitement. They and their parents took pictures at different photo spots to commemorate this milestone – The beginning of the primary school life!


Through regular classroom activities and campus tours organized by teachers, students learn more about the school gradually; hope that in the days to come, we will learn and grow happily together!

Photo Gallery

P1 OrientationP1 OrientationP1 OrientationP1 Orientation