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2021 3rd Issue

PI Summer Programme

01 - 31 Aug 2021

This summer, 80 Pre-S1 and S1 students participated in the Philosophical Inquiry (PI) Summer Programme on HKUGA College campus for five sessions over the course of two weeks. Students engaged in dialogue about things that matter whilst developing their caring, collaborative, creative and critical thinking dispositions. We explored important topics such as Happiness, Friendship and Art & Beauty. The programme has received very positive feedback by students, parents and teachers. 


Reflection from students:

  • PI session has let me know more about how to think more, think about the long term effect and respect other people's ideas .
  • We get to learn how to think in different ways (different perspectives) and also practice critical thinking for making choices.
  • all of the lessons have given me different insights on different topics, it has slightly helped to to think deeper and ask more questions.
  • I think it’s a very useful programme and would definitely get to join in again if I get a chance to.

Here’s a video for a brief overview of the programme.
PI Video

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PI Summer ProgrammePI Summer ProgrammePI Summer ProgrammePI Summer Programme