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2022 2nd Issue

ABLE - S1 RICE 2 Program

19 - 21 May 2022

The Adventure-based Life Education Committee of HKUGA College led 80 S1 students to the valley of rural Lam Tsuen to continue our year-long rice growing experience. Students and teachers took to the paddy fields, taking the classroom outdoors for authentic experiential learning.


RICE 1 was held as an online interactive lesson during our special extended break to give students an overview of the growing process. RICE 2, on the other hand, focuses on preparing and maintaining the fields for successful rice growing. Learning from experienced rice farmers, students worked together to prepare individual paddy fields for plantation and set up nets to protect their young rice plants from birds and insects. On top of working in teams around the farm, students also obtained water and soil samples, then used light microscopes to observe the microorganisms within the local ecosystem, practising their scientific investigation skill set.


We are incredibly proud of our S1 students for stepping out of their comfort zones. Please stay tuned for the finale of our ABLE program, RICE 3 later this year. We will harvest the rice we have been tending and we cannot wait to share more with all the students, teachers, and parents!