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Our Events

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Heritage Walk - Central

19 Nov 2017

A half day Heritage Walk to Central was organized for members on the Sunday morning, 19 November. The event was well-attended by 32 participants.


The tour was led by Dr. Joseph Ting, volunteer docent, who introduced us quite a few historic places along the route and shared with us the historical background of Central. The route covered Old Supreme Court (current Court of Final Appeal) -> Former French Mission Building -> St. John's Cathedral -> Old Dairy Farm Building (Foreign Correspondents' Club & Fringe Club) -> Former Central Police Station -> Former Central Magistracy -> Victoria Prison -> Original Site of the Xing Zhong Hui (Revive China Society) Hong Kong Headquarters -> Original Site of Queen's College -> Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong -> Kwong Fook I Tsz -> Tung Wah Hospital