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Our Events

Life & Career Education Project

Life & Career Education Mentorship Project 2020-2021

01 Sep 2020 - 31 Aug 2021

This is the 9th year when EF organized the Life & Career Education Mentorship Project (“LEAP”) for S4 and S5 students, aiming at facilitating students to understand better the appropriate attitudes and ethics needed in the work place, workplace culture, and preparing themselves for future career development.


Schools and corporations participated in this year's LEAP:

Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College
Kwun Tong Government Secondary School
Ning Po College
Pak Kau College
PHC Wing Kwong College
Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College
Sheung Shui Government Secondary School
SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School
Tuen Mun Government Secondary School


CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited
HAECO Hong Kong
Harbour Grand Hong Kong Limited
Haven of Hope Christian Service
McDonald’s Hong Kong
MTR Corporation Limited
Nan Fung Development Ltd
The Hongkong Electric Company Limited
Transland Shipping (1971) Group

In the Project, the students learn, through direct dialogue in groups with mentors. The mentors will share with the students their personal experience in setting goals and life direction, making disciplined efforts in self-improvement, finding ways to adapt to and grow with the working environment, as well as their advances along the career paths. Apart from the sharing sessions, workplace visits will be arranged so that participating students can explore in-person the real-life work environment and business operations.


A 3-hour Briefing Session to be conducted by Ms. Vivien Pau, a professional leadership coach, and Mrs. Nancy Chan, Deputy Convenor of LEAP, for mentors and teachers respectively will be held on 14 November so as to let them have a better understanding of the project objectives and approach.


All sharing sessions and workplace visits will be arranged between January and April 2021. During May and July 2021, after the sharing sessions with their mentors, each student group from the 9 participating schools will share what they have learnt with their fellow students at their school assembly, respectively.