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Our Events

Our Events


21st AGM

17 Dec 2021

The 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Foundation was held on 17 December (Friday) at Choi Fook Royal Banquet (iSQUARE). The Meeting approved the audited accounts and the Executive Committee (EXCO) Report, and appointed the following new EXCO members for the term of 2022 & 2023.

Mrs. Chan Woo Mei Hou, Nancy   Dr. Cheung Wah Keung, JackyMr. Fung Ho Keung, AndrewMr. Kan Ka Hon, Norman
Mr. Kiu Wai Fung, KeithMs. Kwok Fung, CarinaMs. Lai Wai Ha, WinnieMrs. Lam Fan Kit Fong, Fanny
Mr. Leung Ka Yau, KevinMr. Leung Shiu KeungDr. Lo Tang Yim Man, BrendaMr. Mak Chai Ming
Dr. Ng Hon, VictorMr. Poon Chan KwokMr. Tai Keen ManMr. Tsang Kwong Hoi
Dr. Tse Kam Tim, KennethMr. Yip Kam KeungMr. Yu Siu Yim