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Our Events

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Webinars Organised by the Foundation

30 Jun - 13 Jul 2022

The Foundation organised two webinars for members and friends in the past two months. The webinar “由區塊鏈到元宇宙- 探索NFT 在藝術世界中的定位與投資價值” was held on 30 June. 


On 13 July, another webinar titled “年青人如何把握大灣區機遇發展事業” was conducted in the evening. The first guest speaker, Ms. Joanna Lee, shared her rationale in taking a bachelor degree’s programme in Renmin University of China and choosing to work in OPPO, Shenzhen. The second guest speaker, Ms. Connie Cheung, shared her excitement and challenges in starting her own business in the Greater Bay Area. The above invaluable and comprehensive sharing on webinars were well received by the attendees.


The video clip of “年青人如何把握大灣區機遇發展事業” can now be viewed on EF YouTube Channel.